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Three dangerously handsome vampires find themselves infatuated with Eleira and will do anything to protect her. Dark secrets await at every turn as Eleira seeks safety, and maybe even a H. When he finds out hunters are coming for his loyal soldiers, the Iron Dogs, he will fight to the death to protect them. Elara Harper is caught in between the world of the humans and the immortals, and needs to stop a deathly war from being waged on Earth. Diana Bishop is hesitant to practice magic- even if she is a descendant of witches. When she accidentally uncovers an ancient alchemical manuscript, the enchanted book summons an underworld.

Now delving headfirst into a magical adventure with the deliciously handsome 1, year old vampire Matthew Clairmont, Diana will learn about herself and her powers. Demons, witches, and vampires alike want to get their hands on the powerful book, and Matt and Diana must stop an interspecies supernatural war from breaking out. Ferren Daniels has a normal, happy life until one night she stops to help an injured animal. Alpha bad boy Kodiak Wylde runs his pack with authority and strength. Will Kodiak be able to follow his heart, all while protecting the ones he loves?

Life is but a dream for Kennedy Solstice when her crush, Owen Parker, notices her back. The handsome bad boy had resigned himself to a life of loneliness until the dragon shifter set his eyes and heart on Kennedy. Unfortunately for the new couple, there are dark forces working to destroy their happily ever after. Lily Marks just wants to take a moment to relax from her complicated life. A demon-hunter involved in a forbidden fling with a fallen angel, Julian, Lily is used to a dangerous lifestyle.

When the Sanctuary where she works suspects her of being a traitor, all hell breaks loose for Lily.

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Lily just wants to be with Julian, but she suddenly has bigger worries- like surviving. After the last Phoenix perishes, Ranger Mason must continue to hustle to survive. Rael, Zain, and Oran are sure Ranger holds the key to bringing fire back to their world. Her heart belongs to the sexy new men in her life, but she has a mission. Their connection is firey hot, but will that be enough to bring the element of fire back to the world?

Eva Taylor is woken up by the devilishly handsome Prince Aiden to find all of her memories have been wiped. As Aiden helps her to rediscover herself and her powers, Eva begins to piece together her past, her lovers try to reconnect with her as well. Eva will see her life in a whole new way as her heart and mind are put to the test. Sasha Urban considers herself to be a regular girl. She works at an investment firm during the day and follows her dreams to be a magician, working as an illusionist at night. The world of the supernatural is encroaching upon her own world, and chaos is coming.

Will Sasha be able to use her newly discovered powers for good? Evan is a Soldier of Death. His job is to collect the souls of humans and bring them to the other side. Hoping to have a normal, uncomplicated life and even a little romance, Jenna begins her life in Hollow Hills. Everything changes the day Berlin Matthews moves upstairs from him and shakes up his life. Berlin has a dark secret, and suddenly her life is becoming more dangerous than ever. Will bear shifter Briar and his mate Berlin have a chance at an H.

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After a bad breakup, real estate agent Krista Wilder finds herself distracted by three deliciously handsome men who want to buy a multi-million dollar home through her. The only problem is deciding between her three sexy suitors and the vampire that wants them dead. Callie Penrose is a wizard in training. They must come together to fight on the same side when supernatural creatures attack the auction to steal the spear. Because dragon shifters are a dying bread, King Blaze reinvokes the old tradition of The Hunt.

Male dragon shifters from competing tribes will hunt human women in search of the perfect mate. Coal wants nothing to do with the small, weak, human women but finds himself entangled with one of the beautiful captives, Julie. Dixie has had it with the men in her life, from her emotionally abusive father to her jerk boyfriend who wants to pressure her to lose her virginity.

She moves to New Orleans to start fresh as a nanny and meets Deacon, hot dad and total charmer. Shocking secrets are revealed and Piper will not only have to keep her heart safe but her loved ones, too. In the future, he meets Misty and her infant, but is terribly mistaken about who they are. His name is Eric Belmont, a bachelor vampire from a powerful family. The sexy, intriguing stranger has been waiting to get his hands on Claire because she has the special gift of being able to breed with vampires. Eric takes Claire as his slave back to his castle for the mating ritual, but danger threatens them at every corner.

Being immortal has made finding love a difficult task for the incredibly handsome Roman Nicolis. Each time he finds love, he loses her.

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Nix finds herself in an intriguing yet dangerous world of shifters, where demons haunt her and nothing is as it seems. Her sexy crew of men stays by her side, each capable of shifting into a mythological creature.

Robin Hobb - Soldier Son Trilogy - Book 2 - Forest Mage - Audiobook - Part 1

But, can they keep her safe from the horrors of their world? Amara is content to live her life as a lone wolf until a mysterious stranger demands to meet with her. Luc is a wolf shifter who traveled hundreds of miles, following his scent to find his mate. Amara is undoubtedly turned on by Luc, no matter how badly she wants to maintain her independence.

When his tall, deliciously handsome and charming brothers show up, all bets are off. Amara wants to be with the shifters and let her body feel the pleasure they can give her, but will the dark secrets from her past destroy their shot at an H. In the final installment of the addictive Kit Davenport series, Kit seeks vengeance on those who have hurt her loved ones. She was once unstoppable as the thief known as The Fox. Now, she must fight her enemies and keep her men safe. The Emperor of Draecon is a dragon shifter out for her blood.

Sizzling hot chemistry and a dangerous adventure make this book impossible to put down! In order to leave his pack financially secure, dreamboat alpha Damien makes a deal with the government that forces him into a life as a lone wolf. Salem is an omega in heat, determined to choose his own mate and not be chosen by one. Damien and Salem share one steamy night of passion that leaves Salem with a baby. Lies, secrets, and wavering trust make their love story suspenseful and addicting.

If you failed to learn the Round Up spell in Chapter 4, you will get the 'Nothing' option instead of the Round Up spell as one of the options. It does not matter which option you choose here.

100 Must-Read Books About Witches

She will find out the truth either way. That said, she will be more so impressed with you on the second choice. This item is called 'Mr. Teal Good' if you're male and "All That Glitters" if you're female. Otherwise, "' Off Course ". If you did not make a correct daydream potion at all, the above choice is skipped entirely. You get the third choice if you did. MC Bond. You get the third choice only if you have the enchanted outfit. If the timer ends, you stand perfectly still. You will get the second option if you bought the enchanted outfit. You will get the third option if you did not.

The first option is available only if you used the red marble in the previous chapter. The second option is available only if you did not use the red marble in the previous chapter. If the timer runs out, you extend your magick out and don't sense anything. If the timer runs out, you extend your senses out but nothing happens. If the timer ends, you just stand there and Griffin distracts the female thief player -Skill. Path A: " Thirst for Knowledge ".

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Path B: " Beckett with the Good Cuddles ". Path B: " Teddy Bear ". Path A: " Scored! Although there is no lasting effect for any of them, the coin reacts differently to each with "Peace and quiet" being completely dim, "Power and fame" being a blinding light. The effect for "Perfect grades" varies from dim to brilliant beams of light. Although there is no lasting effect with any combination, there are nine different results: strawberry edge - fortune lines on your hand glow; strawberry center - grow iridescent wings on back; strawberry corner - get shimmering scales on hands and wrists; blueberry edge - you make bird calls; blueberry center - croak like a frog; blueberry corner - burp musically; lemon edge - levitate; lemon center - telekinesis; lemon corner - see elemental auras around others including Dean.

You will not get options for spells that you did not learn. But that only makes his fight to protect his family from danger all the more a thrilling and courageous risk. The Coldfire trilogy takes place on the planet Erna, where sorcery is conducted through a magical energy source called the Fae. The Fae is also extremely dangerous, however; it destroyed the first waves of colonists on Erna and still poses a constant threat. Priest Damien Vryce wants peace between humans and the Fae more than anything — but how can one man control such a potent force?

97 Best Horizon (Elemental Enmity Book IV) images | Cute outfits, Faces, Fasion

Special Ops soldier Sasha Trudeau is a werewolf attack survivor, serving on an elite team with other survivors to keep paranormal activity out of the public eye. Lycanthropy, vampirism, and other supernatural forces abound in the Crimson Moon series, as Sasha comes to terms with who she is and what she can do to help protect others. Novaria is a Westeros-esque alternative Europe, in which tension persists from a long-ago rift between elf-like creatures and humans.

Nations clash, factions struggle, and individuals strive in this mesmerizing tale of power and control. This series brings together countless age-old sources, from Arthurian legends to Celtic and Norse mythology to English folklore. This dark fantasy series from the indisputable king of horror follows Roland Deschain, the last member of an Arthur-descending knightly order called the gunslingers.

King really plays with the boundaries of reality and disbelief throughout the series so that both Roland and the reader must interpret and deconstruct the setting for themselves. When Paksenarrion, aka Paks, finds herself locked into an undesirable arranged marriage, she has no choice but to flee — and what better way to protect herself than by joining a company of mercenaries? Paks soon realizes that she herself is a gifted paladin, and uses her skills to help her comrades and instate the rightful heir to the throne: her friend and commander Kieri.

The cycle has raged on for centuries: every night, supernatural demons called corelings arrive to attack and destroy humans, who shrink from them in fear. But humans once fought valiantly against the corelings, and so they will again. In this series, three young survivors of demon assaults stand to take back the realm of the living. Wizard Harry Dresden works with the Chicago P.

From magically mutilated bodies to vampire and werewolf witnesses, this series is a unique whirlwind of hardboiled detective fiction and dark fantasy.

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From one of the most renowned fantasy and science fiction writers of all time comes the Earthsea series, a classic yet visionary tale. It tracks the journey of Ged, who grows from a young, immature boy to the greatest magician of his generation, and who must use his powers to save his home of Earthsea from imminent decline. Gin Blanco may be a professional assassin, but her skills are by no means limited to stabbing and shooting. No, Gin is an elemental assassin; she can control the elements of Ice and Stone, using them to kill when needed. And after a betrayal from one of her associates sets her down a road of vengeance, others would be wise to stay out of her way.

The Empire trilogy takes place in a fascinating amalgam setting of medieval Europe and Asia, and stars Mara of the Acoma, the newest Ruling Lady of her empire. Not everyone is happy for her, however; many of those close to the throne want her dead. Namely, he is an assassin in the land of the the Six Duchies, adjacent to a war being waged by his royal uncle. But who is truly in the right, and with whom will Fitz side in the conflict? The Farseer books answers these questions with wit, intrigue, and a touch of magic. If you fast-forward through all the sex and dialogue in GoT to get to the battle scenes, First Law is definitely the series for you.

Think Chronicles of Narnia, but older, and in Canada. Now Jude has just as much power as faerie royalty, but she has to figure out how to use it… with Cardan looming over her shoulder all the while. Harper Blaine is a Seattle P. But is being a greywalker a gift or a curse? What more can be said about Harry Potter? And for those who have read Harry Potter and are itching for something similar, you could do much worse than His Dark Materials.

The Hollows is full of alternative history combined with magical elements, so try to keep up: genetic engineering gone wrong has killed off much of the human population, and supernatural species now live openly among them. Not to mention the struggle to hold on to herself, when the soul of a mystical god is placed inside her mind. Infernal Devices follows Tessa Gray, an orphan girl who discovers she can shape-shift and goes to live at the Shadowhunter Institute in nineteenth-century London, where she must learn to control her abilities.

Top 75 Best Paranormal Romance Books to Read

But what happens when someone else tries to con the con man? As their battles of wits and wiles escalate, Locke and his fellow bastards take a journey of both worldly and personal discovery. Joe Pitt is a New York City vampire living among factions of other vamps, unwilling to commit to a single clan — but being pressured by each of them to join, since he has exclusive underworld connections they all want.

In any case, Joe had better watch his back, because their tolerance could turn into suspicion at any moment… and things get messy pretty quickly when you have fangs. Carter and Sadie Kane have been raised apart all their lives. But when their Egyptologist father is captured by Set the Egyptian god of evil , the two siblings must band together to try and understand their shared history, as well as how they can use it to save their family.

Keys to the Kingdom , by the same author as the Abhorsen series, similarly focuses on a young mage coming into their destiny.