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  1. My Soul to Take : Book 3 of the 3rd Freak House Trilogy -
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My Soul to Take : Book 3 of the 3rd Freak House Trilogy -

After the deal collapsed, Dunn kept a low profile. Nothing was written down or rehearsed — just me freestyling some wild stuff.

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His macho kind of sexual bravado has aged surprisingly well on record; the track is a favourite of DJs such as Four Tet , and has a sonic kinship with the low—slung bombastic funk of groups like LCD Soundsystem. Guiding the beats are his vocals, deeper and raspier than before.

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His personal favourite is the track Body Muzik. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Dance music. Correct lyrics. More lyrics from the album. Beautiful Misery Jan 23rd Exclusive offer Get up to 3 months of free music.

News you might be interested in. These lyrics have been translated into 2 languages.


Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now. He grew up in Englewood, a black neighbourhood in south central Chicago. Without money to record and cut vinyl records, Dunn says it was cheaper and more fun to play this way, and it made him an instant draw. When legendary club the Warehouse opened its second location in , Dunn was invited to perform.

Using vinyl records, reel-to-reel tapes and a pitch-controlled cassette deck, he produced live edits on the fly, creating a dramatic, multilayered sound.


But word of his rap production, under the name the Incredible MD, eventually spread to the coasts. In December , Combs and the rapper Shyne were arrested for their alleged roles in a New York City nightclub shooting. By the spring of , Combs had been acquitted of all charges and Shyne sentenced to 10 years in prison.