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  2. Fishing boat played 'chicken' with Great Lakes freighter, captain says
  3. Captured freighter captain may sue employers - The Local
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They need at least seven years of on-the-job training, and must have previously served as a licensed mate for several years.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9 percent growth rate in all categories of merchant ship captains from to Captain positions for inland water transportation will grow by 18 percent, while demand for deep-sea, coastal and great lakes captains will grow 6 percent. Employment for scenic and sightseeing transportation is projected to grow 11 percent. Captains of boats and ships have a variety of opportunities for the lifestyle they choose.

They can become captain of deep-sea vessels and see the world, but they will be away from home for months at a time. Or they can work the inland waterways and be closer to home.

Fishing boat played 'chicken' with Great Lakes freighter, captain says

Whatever the choice, boat captains have huge responsibilities for passengers and crew. James Woodruff has been a management consultant to more than 1, small businesses. As a senior management consultant and owner, he used his technical expertise to conduct an analysis of a company's operational, financial and business management issues. James has been writing business and finance related topics for work. Skip to main content. Our picks News News Finland wants to be carbon neutral by But how will it get there? Finland's future: Wet winters, warming Baltic, forested fells Cancer Registry: Cancer more common among those with only basic schooling All Points North Talk is cheap - is Finland doing enough to fight climate change?

The account from Ronald Advincula is the first available direct testimony from either crew

City council rejects Helsinki underground tunnel IKEA to start emission-free deliveries in Tampere Supreme Court upholds life sentence for man who stabbed daughter Thursday's papers: Porvoo shooters, layoffs and a racist island in Karelia Climate activists block cruise ship in Helsinki More Finnish swimming pools offering women-only hours Croatian millionaire's Afarak Group fined over insider trading PTT: Meat and dairy consumption declining But now I haven't been able to put an offer on a freighter in a week or so.

I hope this gets fixed in 1. I've wondered about that same thing. The freighter after pirate battle captain dialog assumes you have purchased the freighter as soon as you inspect it. Also, on experimental I get two "Leave" dialog options at once along with "Salute". Some common sense needs to be added to this freighter purchase dialog.

Captured freighter captain may sue employers - The Local

So you only have 7 million and a 34 slot ship just pops into your lap and you post a complaint. I want to complain now. You can't afford it, nor did you get it free - but I have hours and never seen an S class ship and I have half a billion in my account.

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I would do the reload cheat but I wanna earn my stuff by fluking it. Btw this was just a joke post, don't take it seriously. Last edited by MaskedHero ; 28 Aug, pm.

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I was 10 million off, and if I could have traded in my ship, I could have been able to buy it. It looked pretty like OP's, but it was a Class A. Declining gave me the same glitch as they got as well.

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  • Now I'm not wanting to explore another system until I have enough to outright buy any ship I run into. Originally posted by MechWarden :. Hondy View Profile View Posts.

    This is fixed in the current experimental build. You can compare and transfer cargo also.