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Are you like Sarah?

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Do you have a dream that others are trying to squash? What is God asking you to do? Happy discussing and reading! I think the theme of The Memory Jar is to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. With Sarah you see how she has to learn to have self-confidence and learn to trust her own intuition and use her gifts to bless others.

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Patty is really the one who encouraged her to bake and embrace her gift. Jathan has a similar struggle because his gift is baking and business management. Yet the Amish society has clearly defined male and female roles with little crossover. I think this story is more self-discovery with a little bit of romance thrown in, than it is a true romance.

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In a roundabout answer to the second set of questions, I feel like these are questions I need to help my children answer and help them to discover their dreams. I absolutely love everything about this book!

Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors Series

I really enjoy the way the author paints the picture of West Kootenai. The community and faith is just beautiful. I admire Sarah for staying strong and just being herself and not letting anyone stop her from following her dreams.

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I am looking forward to reading the other two books! I fully believe that living out your dreams is a miracle that God gives us, because who can honestly say that without God, dreams come true. You may have a version of it.

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  • But seriously, all your dreams, that God wants us to live, are answered prayers. I love how Tricia uses her memory Jar to go through her future life.

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    The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer

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